Humanism places the human being at the center of all considerations and so the Humanist Party places the human being at the center of political policies, programmes and actions.  This is in contrast to all forms of politics that is played out in the name of military might, economic power and greatness of nations and so on.

When we place the Human being at the center, we do not make any distinction between and among people on the basis of race, religion, nationality, class, caste, colour and such other considerations.  This is the principle of Non Discrimination that we adhere to as Humanists.

In the same way, we do not want to use nor do we support the use of coercion, police or military force or any other form of power that causes human beings to undergo pain and suffering.  Any action that causes pain and suffering to another is violence.  Humanism believes in the principle of active Non Violence.  We oppose injustice of every kind through different actions which are non-violent in essence. This takes us to the next stage of people exercising their will to arrive at public policies and programmes that are meant to benefit all people.

We believe in people always possessing more than one way of acting, so that they can exercise their choice.  Thus there are no monopolies of any kind that we believe in or promote.  This is the principle of Options and no monopolies.  In the same way the Humanist Party believes that greater good is achieved when people in different roles come together and cooperate with each other, whether in social, economic or cultural spheres.  Humanists therefore promote the principle of Cooperation.


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