The social order is unfair, unequal, monopolistic, and violent.

Social development, will be achieved when human rights become enforced and nation states become accountable for their violations. When wars are declared illegal and a social order agreed by the people and enforced by the authority of United Nations, and fair legal systems prevail.

When poverty is eliminated from the world and every human being has the resources and safety to develop its potential and live happy lives.

When systems of social organisation, are fair, open, transparent and equal for all.

The Humanist Movement and its organisms aim at this change through their specific lines of action in communities development; increasing peoples knowledge and understanding of themselves and society; resisting violence at individual and social level opposing arms, wars and atomic weapons and all means of life destruction; encouraging understanding and integration amongst cultures and creeds; opposing all economic activity destructive of the environment and encouraging production and use of alternative energies; encouraging the positioning of the human being as the central value of the social organisation, aiming at the creation of a Universal Human Nation.

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