Why World Humanist Forum

Open spaces, virtual or physical where people meet to exchange their best experiences in their own areas of activity. As in ancient roman cities, where forums, outside cities and towns were places to trade, in goods, ideas, arts or simply socialize in a free open and unrestricted manner.

World Humanist forum intend a similar level of communication and exchange of experience and best practices on the way to the creation of a free, non-violent and more humane society. Humanists aspire to a Universal Human Nation.

Who are Organizing the Forum

We are Humanists who aspire to a Universal Human Nation, free of violence (in all its forms) where Universal Human Rights are fulfilled and enforced everywhere, where the standard of relationship becomes “Treat others as you like to be treated”

Why participate in Humanist Forum

With the reducing space of expression for any positive-minded organization or individual, The World Humanist Forum is on open-space of expression, networking-activities to build a better world, a world without violence, a world without discrimination, without borders, without poverty, in short, with the best available to all.

Are we merging everyone in Humanist Forum

No, on the contrary, we strongly believe in “Diversity”. We are clear that the world cannot and should not be of one view. All expressions need open space for expression without discrimination. There cannot be an official view, as long as we agree that violence and discrimination need to be stopped at all levels, in any expression whatsoever.

How does Humanist Forum help my organization

Being an open-space, the Forum is a space for every organization to express its ideas and invite others to connect for a wider networked activity. Every organization is invited to create their page with all details and invite people to join in their activities. The Forum is like your website informing people about your activities and inviting them to connect with you through the interactive features.

At the same time, all the organizations can come together to work jointly on common issues across the geography. These calls for joint working can come from any organization and many such calls are welcome at the same time, on various issues.

Also, there can be study-groups discussing on various important issues facing humanity, resulting in jointly agreed ideas to conduct joint activities. These study groups can have active participation from individuals and organization in various modes of interactivity through the website.

How is World Humanist Forum different

Being an open-space, the WHF is a unique environment that is open to all humanist-minded organizations and individuals to express their views, activities, network with others to join the activities.

For us, all those who believe in Non-violence and Non-discriminatory world are humanists

Who is a Humanist

While a lot can be explained in great lengths, let’s understand the simple-clear fundamentals of this deep subject: Anyone who believes in non-violence and no-discriminatory society, and aspires to conduct all relationships based on the golden-rule “Treat others as you like to be treated” is a Humanist for us.

Universal Humanism

Current of thought developed by Silo (Mario Luis Rodriguez Cobos) that places the human being at the center, of the social organization, preaches non-violence as its methodology of action and the golden rule that is treat others as you like to be treated as its fundamental tenet.

The Humanist Movement

Is a wide movement that disseminates Silo’s teachings. The movement is at the moment formed by Convergence of Cultures, The Humanist Parties, World without Wars, The Community for Human Development, World Centre for Humanist Studies.

Other entities are Pressenza International Press Agency, and Silo’s Message. All of these totally independent do not keep any organic relationship.


To create awareness of Universal Humanism and to partner with like minded organization in the goal of humanizing the world


Disseminate ideas of peace and non-violence. To understand the roots of individual violence and procedures to overcome it.


Individual presentations, round tables, open discussions, panels, arts etc

Asian Regional Forum

Is a wide scale forum, including participants from a number of Asian countries.


Like minded individuals (personalities) and organizations, who confirm to the conditions of being Non-violence and No-discrimination. There are no other conditions

Organizing Team

Organizing Team of Asian Forum selected from the volunteers of the Initiating organizations.

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