Personal and social violence are indissolubly intertwined.  Social violence exists because of individual violence. Social violence feeds and incentivize individual violence.

It is not possible to overcome violence in society if at the same time we do not overcome violence in the individual.

Society and individual are an indissoluble structure. Never in history a human being existed without a society around who look after him/herself.

We are essentially social beings, in evolution, in transformation and our destiny is to transform our own nature (natural or given condition) and society around us. We are creatures of the future and this future is humanizing the Earth.

How do we do this? By overcoming pain and suffering in us and around us.

We must recognize and understand suffering. Suffering recedes in front of joy for life, in front of love and compassion, in front of faith.

We must distinguish between necessity and crave, between greed and need. We must fulfill our needs but we must destroy desire. Desire brings about suffering, enchains oneself to suffering. Whereas fulfilling our necessity liberates one self.

This fundamental aim of freeing ourselves from suffering is the real quest for freedom.

Silo developed a solid body of theory and practice to guide us in the way to overcome suffering. All these texts are freely available on the web site.

Amongst Humanists there are thousands of women and men ready to help us and support us in this path.

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